05 May 2008

13. Left-Wing, Pro-Life Female Grad Student Supporting Obama, Who Is Considering Voting McCain If Hillary Gets The Nomination

I was staying at a hotel and walked into the lobby, where they told me that John McCain would soon be holding a Q+A session. The crowd was much older than I, and clearly hard-core Republicans. Even though I'm not a McCain supporter, in my dream I liked him and was excited to hear him speak. I was very impressed by his speech and felt that I wanted to help him with the crowd. I raised my hand to ask a question and he called on me. I asked him a tough but fair question about his opinion and voting record on abortion, and I liked his answer. He came around the room shaking hands, and I whispered to him, You'd better watch out, some are trying to paint you as pro-choice and that could lose you a lot of these votes. In my mind, I was trying to help him get elected and giving him inside information.

He dropped my hand and looked at me angrily and said, You need to be excluded! He motioned to security to get me out of the room, and got angrier and angrier. As I was led away I started yelling to the crowd, He's just like Bush! He wants to exclude people! He's no different! He's lying to you! He's excluding me! And I'm pro-life! I was amazed at myself for making such a scene, and a little afraid I'd be arrested, but I felt betrayed and mad and didn't care.

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