18 May 2008

20. Male 23-Year-Old In Florida

I dreamed I was in a movie where I was on a road trip through Mexico, I was sitting in a Mexican cemetery and this little Mexican guy kept trying to kill me with a six shooter, but he only kept blowing off my fingers and hair. Then he clung to the side of the cherry red convertible 1960s Mustang I was driving and I had to do figure-8s to get the g's up enough for him to fly off the car, which he finally did. Then I just drove into the desert until these cops got me and took me into a secret cop facility in the desert. I was just wandering around the cop facility and eventually found this huge hallway with pane glass windows on the side looking over an enormous shimmering pool that was the most blue pool I'd ever seen. As I kept looking at it, I realised it was teeming with great white sharks and there were commandos on a raft in the middle of it. They threw a bunny into the air and a great white shark instantly flew completely out of the water to eat it and I was like, I gotta get out of this facility, but all of a sudden water started pouring into the hallway complete with great white sharks. I knocked out a commando and took his machine gun and started machine gunning the sharks at which point they’d explode. Finally John McCain made a cameo appearance (this is all still a movie) to help me. He said, Hey sonny, lemme see that gun. I'm more high-profile than you and I think I got this, but I had already killed them all and I said, Sorry McCain, this job's finished.


voter2008 said...


How are you all? I am here to inform you of a insipiring video a colleague of mine has created to inspire more people to vote. I believe the issue is important, so I would like to share this video with you today.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4kg514DcTA

Tell me what you think!

Chus said...

Hot news!: McCain suspends campaign