18 May 2008

19. Female Democrat And Graphic Designer In Brooklyn

I was on a family vacation in the mountains on a skiing vacation, and John McCain was my father. He was driving the car, but the road became very zig-zag hilly and snowy and we were slamming down a very steep incline with a deep ravine to our right. The car was skidding out and almost slipped into the ravine. I asked if I should get out and push, but John said he had it under control. At a very precarious point, we realized that someone was sabotaging our trip to try and kill us. They had put a detour sign on the road so we would fall into the ravine. The car started to slide uncontrollably and John yelled for us all to jump out, which we did as the car turned into two plastic tubs and slid into the river below. I wanted to take a picture, but was worried about my camera getting wet. We had to swim through snow to the ski lodge, where I scrambled up onto a ledge. There was a girl sitting there with her friends who wouldn't slide over for me to sit. She wouldn't share her blanket and was telling me I needed to leave. She was so annoying. In the end, I realized we hated each other because she was me and there wasn't enough room for the two of us.

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