27 March 2008

7. Female Republican Chemical Engineer At GE

I meet John at a party and a little later he sends me a birthday card. Before I know it, he's on the phone asking if I want to spend the day with him. I'm very excited to spend some time with a big political figure so I accept. We go to the zoo, and have some exhilarating conversation. I keep expecting people to recognize him and point and whisper or something, but they don't. Late in the day, we find ourselves in an indoor lounge at the zoo. I'm looking out the window at the giraffes, and when I turn around, I see that John has stripped down to his briefs. I say, I'm not going to have sex with you, ya know. He replies that he hadn't thought anything of the sort. He simply enjoyed hanging out in his underwear!


Anonymous said...

ha, looking at the giraffes...McCain caught with his pants down again, I bet he looked foolish...he's dreaming about better luck with the actual voters...speaking of rejection, unfounded optimism and slim chances, can't help but see a little of John's prospects in this clip:


GSR/TWN said...

The zoo represents today's 666 beast[s]. The giraffe is confirmation of Granny Grass' family photos calendar. That shows my LDS missionary nephew at a petting zoo in South Africa, with a lady giraffs's head poking into his pants. As if giving him a BJ. GSR