12 April 2008

10. Female Computer Programmer

I was at work. The office manager was in her office with her door closed, taking a bath. An old man came to the door wearing a bright yellow baby-doll nightie. He was a little disheveled and I was worried he was disturbed or something. Then I realized it was John McCain.

I asked him what he needed and he said he was there to see our office manager. He'd met her in Las Vegas and was romantically interested in her. I hollered through the door that John McCain was here. She yelled back that she’d talk to him later.

I felt really concerned for her. Did she realize he was wearing women’s lingerie and was quite possibly crazy?

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Anonymous said...

...giving a talk about something you don't know is entertainingly crazy, blogging about political celebrities is whimsically crazy, but introducing yourself without the proper social convention of mutual acquaintances...that's just plain crazy...more on the subject of stories and dreams: